Increasing Segregation In Charter Schools

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The research brief that I chose was titled “Schools without Diversity: Education Management Organizations, Charter Schools, and the Demographic Stratification of the American School System” by Gary Miron, Jessica L. Urschel, William J. Mathis, and Elana Tornquist. The main points of this research brief was the central discussion around if charter schools increased segregation within schools and society (Miron, Urschel, Mathis & Tornquist, 2010). The study gathers information from a national data base of schools operated by Education Management Organizations (EMOs) in which 95% of the schools enclosed within were charter schools (Miron, Urschel, Mathis & Tornquist, 2010). The data used was related to the high enrollment of minority and economically…show more content…
It was also found that English Learners were underrepresented and there was a lack of capacity for students with special needs which helps compound the segregation (Miron, Urschel, Mathis & Tornquist, 2010). It was also interesting to note that school choice had the potential to affect segregation and social stratification though others claim that publicly funded school choices create new options for families (Miron, Urschel, Mathis & Tornquist, 2010). It is also noted that schools are already segregated due to residential segregation. Charter schools could have the potential to be more integrated as they tend to enroll higher percentage of minority students however it leaves the school districts segregated with the lack of students. (Miron, Urschel, Mathis & Tornquist, 2010). It would be interesting to explore reasons why the segregation level is so much higher when there is an opportunity to integrate and equalize educational levels. It would be a way to study a few schools that fit those qualification for a 5 to 10 year study to see how the school or program accomplishes its goals. Perhaps another implication for policy would be more structure and more selective with students attending the charter school to equalize the population. Or take the goals of charter schools and apply it toward the other public institutions to benefit the general

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