Community Interview Reflection

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I have come to learn that in everyone daily life we have to communicate in order to meet new friends at workplace or in other sectors of life that we come across and this happens through questions and eventually we get to know each other better the more questions we ask each other. For example I have a life experience with myself in this new job that I got .There was this lady and for the first time I saw her I could tell she is from Africa but that first time we didn’t say anything to each other apart from greeting. When I eventually started my orientation I met with her again and we introduced ourselves and through talking and asking questions we come from one continent. Ever since we are connected so I believe through asking questions we get a chance to know more…show more content…
I like the fact that American culture is so different from where I come from because in America we are all somewhere thus different people with different culture. I worked with a certain client few days ago and I wanted to tell the client some information but because I didn’t know my clients religion I had to ask him his religion. This is different from my country because most people are all Christians. After reading this chapter it has enlightened my thinking to why people and especially when one goes to the doctor why they ask so many questions. Before I used to get paranoid but now I have a better understanding and through my professions I will be asking my clients different types of questions that will give me an understanding from their perspective. I think when someone asks me questions that shows me they are interested with my response which will portray who I am. I have a three year old daughter and when she was learning how to talk she would ask so many questions to get her words out and know I think about it and I understand why this stage of development happens during

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