Big Data Disadvantages

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I. INTRODUCTON The term “big data” generally refers to the information stored in the form of data that are complex (or) different from the traditional data which contains information. Traditionally data containing information are used when there is particular need for the particular data. But in today’s modern world due to the advancement in technology big data encounters many challenges. These challenges include analysis, capture (storing up of information that is not present), data curation the term indicates the managing the activities of data, for datas that has been in use for the purpose of long term research ensuring the availability of data for further reuse and preservation, it also deal with the extraction of important information from scientific texts including extraction from articles, biological database. Searching of other datas with the help of given data, sharing of data, data transfer, visualization of data, privacy if the information contained in the data is some of the modern day…show more content…
Big data generally deals with the predictive analysis of the data or extraction of information from the data. Analysis of data finds its application in many fields such as internet search, information regarding all aspects, for the purpose of complex research work in all fields of science. Big data usually indicates information that are beyond the ability of information in commonly used software tools that are used to store, manage, curate, capture and process data limited to their extent. Big data analytics refers to the process of uncovering the hidden information that suits for the particular process. High performance analytics can be applied in the case of complex data. This high performance analytics include text mining, Data mining, predictive analysis, forecasting and optimization enables you to new innovation and make the best
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