Personal Narrative Essay: A Day At A Summer Day In Texas

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It was another warm summer day in Ohio, Columbus. I said bye to my friend as I saw my mother getting ready to leave and head back home. I shouted for her to wait for me, fearing that I would have to walk home alone. By that time, the sun had already gone down and the faded from a deep blue color to an almost pitch black. By the time I finally caught up with her I was out of breath. Breathing heavily as I felt a cold gust of air hit my face. As I walked alongside my mom I could see that old street lamp flicker on and off I smiled to myself at how long that light lasted. As we walked through the grass there was a flicker of light on the grass and as we walked further, more light stared a blinking off and on before long the whole ground lit up. I watched with amazement as the fireflies created an illusion that the stars themselves came down from the sky to glorify the ground. At that…show more content…
I said all my goodbyes ahead of time so I wouldn't have to worry feeling sad on the day we left. I helped around the house and busied myself with packing up thing all to hide all my bitter feelings. The day finally arrived and I was more than happy to find out that Ahmed was going to with us to help us unpack for the first day. As laughter and chatter grew inside the car I almost forgot the anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach. But as we grew closer and closer to our destination I felt the pain coming back and growing by each mile. When we finally arrived in Mankato and we one got settled in our new house it was time for Ahmed to leave. After everyone said there goodbyes I no longer could hold it in I cried for what felt like ten minutes. But then Ahmed instead of telling me of patted me on the head and said that it was okay to cries as long as I remembered to smile afterward. I didn't realize it at the time but if it wasn't for him I would never have truly opened my heart to Mankato and all the great things that came with

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