Gilded Stress Speech

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Stress. A single emotion that has an intruding, overwhelming power over our lives. No matter the differences, be it physical, financial, cultural or mental, every single sixth year student in this exam hall has experienced stress throughout this year. Among several billion people in this world, we are all bracing a constant treadmill of challenges in the hope of overcoming them and achieving our goals. Will the treadmill ever stop though? As the human race we are incapable of being satisfied for longer than however many minutes it takes until your new favourite character dies in Game of Thrones. As a result, these “gilded promises” we desire will grow and expand every time we achieve anything, until we find ourselves in a bottomless pit of…show more content…
Is all of this stress and worry and anxiety that I witness eating away at every single one of my fellow students worth the so called ”gilded promises” that we hope to attain? Not only is the shear thought of our future scaring us to illness, but being left totally in the dark doesn’t exactly give a calming reinforcement. At the meager age of eighteen we have only seen glimpses of the future we long for, of what college and work-life is like, through others’ eyes. Standing on a precipice, awaiting our future as though we are spectators at a display, we decide for a future that we don’t even understand. How are we to choose what course or livelihood would suit us when we have little idea what they entail? To put it simply, we can’t, yet we never forget that the choice will be largely narrowed down thanks to those three small digits that we earn in these…show more content…
Ask any of my friends or family to describe me in a few words and one will inevitably be “busy”. Every week is the same. Each morning I wake up at seven and curl up in a ball for about twenty minutes wishing I didn’t have to leave my bed, yet I set about my daily routine all the same, a blur of: school, green-schools, practicing my driving, choir, organizing my team for hockey sessions, basketball, reading, piano, an occasional physio session, badminton, visiting my first years, going to the gym, Spanish and Irish debating, running, studying and homework, some food thrown in between the festivities, a bit of social interaction on a good day and some sleep – if I’m

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