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A. Introduction a. Originally, my first intent was to relate my encounters with prayer to the common misconceptions that other people have regarding how they are to pray, or if there are any types of prayers that were more likely to be answered. Upon further research and processing, I began to plan a way to make this sermon more interactive and ask the students that I will be speaking in front of for their take on prayer and start the sermon in an open discussion format that engages the students with what is being said. While these are two teaching formats that I have used before in other message series that I have taught, I feel that either one of these could work for this sermon as prayer in generally a topic that I have heard a lot of people have questions about. b. Once the topic of prayer is introduced, I plan on stating the big idea and setting the stage for this sermon. After looking over the comments that those in my peers have left on our group discussion board, I have decided that this sermon will focus on the kind of prayer Jesus says the Father rewards and highlight the characteristics of those prayers. The goal of this sermon is to compare the original audiences background to those of the students, and then break down what characteristics are appropriate for a prayer to be rewarded by God. B. The…show more content…
The characteristics that I plan on highlighting in this sermon are sincerity, confidence, genuineness and faith because these qualities add a firm foundation behind our prayers and are some of the aspects that allow them to align what we are seeking for God to do in our lives with God’s will for us as we continue to follow Him. After touching base on each characteristic, I plan on comparing them to the Lord’s Prayer and challenging the students to find where they take place in the text. I am either going to approach each characteristic separately or as a group thought depending on the timeframe of the sermon and what time allows during the

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