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Throughout Beowulf, three major battles took place. All of them included Beowulf fighting three different opponents. All three battles had similarities and differences. The first battle was against Grendel, a demon who was terrorizing Herot and it’s people. Grendel was killing people because he was lonely and jealous of the people’s lifestyle. He was not happy in his dark cave of a home, and wanted to destroy people who had good lives. Beowulf had heard of the demon attacking the kingdom. He took up the challenge and was extremely confident he could beat Grendel. Due to his hubris, he decided to fight Grendel without weapons or armor. His reason was that he was just as dangerous as Grendel was. The battle ended with Beowulf ripping his arm off which fatally wounded him. Grendel returned to his lair where he…show more content…
After her son’s death, she attacked Herot in the middle of the night to avenge Grendel. She killed Hrothgar’s closest advisor. Hrothgar asked Beowulf to fight Grendel’s mother in exchange for chests of gold. Beowulf agreed, and again prepared for battle. This time however, he wore chainmail armor and brought a shield and helmet. He was given a sword that never lost a fight. The conclusion of the fight resulted in Beowulf beheading Grendel’s mother. He returned with her head and Grendel’s arm. The third and final battle took place when Beowulf was an old king. The dragon decided to attack in order to kill the thief who stole his gem. The dragon terrorized the world searching for his gem and even burned down part of Beowulf’s kingdom. Beowulf was too proud to call for help, and remembered his past battles against Grendel and his mother. Despite his old age, he decided to fight the dragon single-handedly. Beowulf decided to use an iron shield and a blade, although he did not want to use a weapon. The fight ended with the dragon being killed, but Beowulf also dies due to a poisonous bite from the

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