Beowulf And The Green Knight Comparison Essay

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Malek Myers 9/28/15 ENGL 210-01-Fall 15 Professor Donna Crawford Prompt 1. In literature, settings generally serve to emphasize the themes of the work. Write an essay in which you describe and compare one or more of the settings in Beowulf with one of more of the settings in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Ultimately, your essay should draw conclusions about how the settings are important to the overall meanings of these works, as well as how they compare or contrast with each other. Beowulf and the Green Knight The poems Beowulf and Lanval and the Green knight have a lot of similarities when talking about the setting. Beowulf was a poem that was first told in Anglo-Saxon England between the 8th and 11th centuries. The actual setting of the story takes place in the 5th century in a pace known as the land of the Danes, which is now the nation of Denmark, and the land of the Geats, which is now the nation of Sweden (Briney, 2015). The reason the Anglo-Saxons told this story was because the Danes and the Geats…show more content…
Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur (Johnson, 2014). In this poem Sir Gawain, the main protagonist, was the nephew of King Arthur and one of his most loyal knights. Because he was a knight he had a very strong sense of honor and justice. It is thought to be a disgrace if a knight was to ever lie, run away, or back down from a challenge. This belief ends up causing a lot of trouble for Gawain and forces him into a competition known as the exchange of blows. The way this competition works is that one person swings an axe at the other person neck to try and remove the head and end the person’s life, if that person fails to do so then it is the other persons turn. Because he participated and loses in the exchange of blows game in one year he has travel to a green chapel to receive his

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