Frankenstein And Beowulf Comparison Essay

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When we say the word ‘monster,’ what comes into our minds? Most probably, a great big thing with red eyes, blood and swords. Monsters can be depicted in many different ways, for example, an imaginary animal or a bad person who has behaved monstrously. The media can go crazy with these things and has done in the past. Frankenstein deals with a human monster, Beowulf deals with a mythical monster and the media deals people who behave in a monstrous way. Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley was written in 1818 whilst Beowulf was originally thought to be the medieval era (1000 AD) the author of Beowulf is still unknown but quotations and evidence will be taken from Beowulf by Mary Sutcliff. This essay will explore the different techniques used by different authors and will go into…show more content…
Frankenstein towards his creature. When he says this, he uses a strong, firm voice which implies rage and anger, delivering the impact to the reader. Also, he uses repetition in his language and behaviour, similar to the creature when they had first met; “I was benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity.” The word benevolent has been used many times by the creature in a very short period of time. It shows the desperateness of the creature to be united with Dr. Frankenstein but Dr. Frankenstein does not want that - it is clear that he hates his creature a lot. The fact that Dr. Frankenstein’s creature is nameless is something important to note. Being nameless would mean that you wouldn’t be able to be addressed by other people and that you would be referred to as an ‘it’ which would make you feel like an object with no use or recognition. On the good side to this, Dr. Frankenstein’s creature committed several crimes such as murder and it would be harder to be caught because he would not have an identity. The reader, on the other hand would, for sure, really sympathise for the creature because they could imagine how it would feel to be

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