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At the beginning of the story Beowulf, a version written by Robert Nye. Beowulf’s physical characteristics surprised me. He was not just a typical hero, for example- Superman. Superman is told to be an invincible, tall, good-looking young man. “Superman is 6’3 feet tall, he has jet black hair with a natural curl in front, he has a rugged bodybuilder’s physique and a square jaw”. But then compare him to Beowulf, the not so perfect man, “In his person, Beowulf was below average size; he looked taller sitting because his broad chest and shoulders were out of proportion to his legs, which were short. He had straight brown hair and strong wrists”. From this description we understand that Beowulf isn’t the best built hero we have heard of, but this is when comparing him to Superman, who we as kids look up to as one of the icons of a hero. This just goes to prove how bad our society has become. With the media leading us towards all these different stereo types of what in our mind, a hero should look, and act like. But it is not about the looks or physical features. I think that anyone can be a hero. Being a hero could be helping an elderly man cross the street, or giving a jacket to someone who is cold. You don’t have…show more content…
It suggests in The Bible that Jesus wasn’t the best looking, "He had no beauty or majesty…”. Though Jesus is a perfect person at heart. “… as your heavenly Father is perfect”. Then it comes to talk about Satan, saying he is the most beautiful angel. “Lucifer’s beauty was flawless and breath taking…” But Lucifer is evil at heart, which makes him a beast on the outside. This relates to the character in the novel, known as Unferth. He too holds a demon inside himself; he holds a beast inside just like Grendel and Satan. In the book he kills one of Beowulf’s fellow friends, Aeschere. Letting his evil unravel. “He acts as a beast would, blindly. He’s at mercy of his own

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