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The heroic qualities that were admirable back in the day of Beowulf are much similar to those that are admired today. Beowulf was a warrior, he was courageous, strong, generous, and was always willing to help and protect those in desperate need. Todays not so average superhero has a lot of the same traits. Most superheroes follow a sense of justice and help those in danger. The one only difference is that beowulf was just a normal man, not a superhero with powers or a special trained millionair with a super suit and gadgets. This handicap does not make Beowulf any less of a hero in the story, the warrior managed to kill the demon, Grendel and his monstrous mother in their home. He saved the remaining Danes and the king, Hrothgar. He also managed…show more content…
Being adaptive is important when in a role of leadership, a leader must always think ahead and react when a new problem arises. Good communication is also important when leading someone, warrior leaders back in the days of Beowulf needed to be able to talk with his team and tell them what to do as they do now. They would’ve had to have experience in their field resourceful, and respectable. There was more to being a leader than just being a local strong man with power and respect. Nowadays a person must be open minded, well educated, and organized. I doubt back then they had access to a good education and their world also is fantasy so they would most likely be learning of dragons and other monstrous creatures. A leader must have the utmost respect of his crew and the crew of him. Without respect then and now people would not follow this so called leader at all. Respect gives them a reassuring feeling of trust with them.I personally think these characteristics are always going to be universal and timelessly seen as good characteristics for a leader to have. If these traits ever are changed in the future, I believe they will only slightly change. Kindness, Bravery, And being strong will always be admirable, no matter the

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