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Daniel Dumile Net Worth Daniel Dumile was born on the 9th January 1971 in London, England, however his family roots trace back to Zimbabwe and Trinidad. The world knows him best under his performing name MF Doom, British singer and songwriter. Over the course of his career, Daniel has released more than 15 albums on his own, however, adding to his net worth, he has also collaborated with other notable hip-hop and rap artists such as, Jneiro Jarel, Danger Mouse, Bishop Nehru among others. Have you ever wondered how rich Daniel Dumile is? According to sources it is estimated that Daniele Dumile`s overall net worth is $1 million, an amount garnered through his successful career in the music industry. Daniel Dumile Net Worth $1 Million Daniel was…show more content…
Hood”. In 1993, it was scheduled for their second album “Black Bastards” to be released; however, the group was waved from the Elektra Records, due to the controversial album cover. Furthermore, Dumile`s brother DJ Subrock was killed in a car accident, what made Daniel to isolate himself from the media and music in the whole. Neverthelss, he came back in 1998, under new nickname MF Doom and in 1999 he released debut album as a solo artist “Operation Doomsday”. With the beginning of the 2000s, his representation in the music industry gradually grew, and the name of MF Doom, has become widely known. In 2001 he began to collaborate with Prince Paul, a disc jockey, producing the debut album of the rapper MC Paul Barman. In 2003, Daniel released another album, this time under the nickname King Geedorah, entitled “Take Me To Your Leader”. The album was his second as a solo…show more content…
In 2005, Daniel`s net worth increased as he gained more mainstream exposure with a release of the album “The Mouse And The Mask”, which was a collaboration with musician Danger Mouse. The two artists teamed up in a hip-hop duo Danger Doom, releasing the aforementioned album, for which they received PLUG Independent Music award for the Best Hip Hop Album Of The Year, and an EP “Occult Hymn” released in 2006, before they decided to go separate ways. In the next years, Daniel continued with his practice of changing nicknames with every album he releases, in 2012 he released the album “Key To The Kuffs” as JJ Doom, in collaboration with Jneiro Jarel. In 2014, he formed another duo, NehruvianDoom, this time with fellow rapper Bishop Nehru, releasing an album the same year “NehruvianDOOM”. Adding to his net worth, Daniel has released a number of instrumental albums entitled “Special Herbs” from volume 1 to volume 9, from 2001 to 2005. His latest work in the music industry includes collaboration with Ghost Face Killah, a member of the famous rap group Wu-Tang Clan, on the album “Swift And Changeable”, scheduled for a release in

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