Describe The Relationship Between Male And Female Primate

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Primates dedicate a wide range of time in parenting their young. Because they invest a lot of time in each offspring, they tend to have only a few throughout the course of their lives. Generally, the female primate is more committed to their young’s nutrition and social behavior skills. Primate offspring are usually smarter than other mammals, which is influenced also by the intensive parenting they go throughout their infant years. This reflects the distinctive way of primates parenting, such as chimpanzees, and the fact that primates teach their offspring many different social complex skills for both survival and the development of long lasting relationships for better chances of mating, food, and protection. We can find various types of social groups in primates that typically enhance their access to…show more content…
Solitary, common among early primates, refers to only interacting with other primates for sexual pleasure but after go on their own. Another type of social group is monogamy, in which a male and female primate have a relationship for an long period of time and usually have one offspring. The competition for mates is very little in monogamy social group and relates to the low sexual dimorphism in this group. In addition, there are various types of polygamy social groups in which primates separate themselves. In the one-male polygyny, such as the case for gorillas, orangutans and Old World baboons, the social group consist of one adult male and several females along with their youngs. In many cases, the male primate may involve themselves in infanticide in order to have the female primate ovulate again. In the multi -male

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