Garnet And Beowulf Comparison Essay

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When comparing Beowulf to another hero, real or fiction, the first character that may come to mind might not be from a 21st century children’s cartoon. However, there is one character just like this that I find very similar to Beowulf. She might have a few differences, but she possesses many of the same qualities that, I believe, make Beowulf a true hero. They were both born into worlds unlike our own, have the same physical attributes, have the same leadership qualities, and are admired by those around them. This heroine is known as Garnet, and she comes from an American animated series known as “Steven Universe”. Garnet hails from an otherworldly planet populated by sentient anthropomorphic rocks. Now, this might seem like a major difference from the origin of the hero Beowulf, but he was written about over 1000 years ago. The language used at this time was nothing like that of our current English. Religion and Beowulf contained a mix of Pagan and Christian beliefs. Aoife Moloney writes, “Overall, Beowulf contains many pagan themes and concepts, but yet it also contains many clear references to Christianity.” Also, war and violence was commonplace during this time period. Waves of invasions swept the English Isles creating a tribal culture…show more content…
Garnet was made the de facto leader of her group known as the Crystal Gems. She was given this role because her friends needed a leader, and she had to take the responsibility that was left open by the death of the previous leader. Similarly, Beowulf took up the role as the leader of his people. When the previous ruler of Geatland, King Hygelac, passes away and his son is killed in battle, Beowulf takes up the reigns as king, and he does a very good job for fifty long years. He had to take care of his tribe, and the only way to do that was to lead them. Garnet had to protect and care for her friends, and that too meant leading

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