Book Vs English Class Analysis

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If you had the chance to read a book you preferred in English class, would you? This is a controversial topic many teachers are arguing about. Some teachers are adamant that students read the same books in an attempt to foster a stimulating classroom conversation. Others believe that by letting students read what they prefer, they would actually pay more attention to the details in the book and write better essays or reports about it. Both sides of the argument have some valid points but they also have flaws. My opinion is the following: as long as the students can understand, enjoy, and give a satisfying analysis of the story they are reading, I believe students should be allowed to read what they prefer. I also have an idea that could merge…show more content…
Teachers who are in this camp believe that students who get to choose the text that they get to read may take a settled interest in the material they choose. Their hope in this belief is that by allowing the students to read something that they enjoy, they may become more accomplished readers. They believe that the reader will be more engaged with their reading thereby boosting comprehension and remembrance. While I personally agree more with this method, there are also some flaws with this line of thinking. Teachers must be aware of underachievers looking for an easier book, one well below their reading level, so that they might cruise through the assignment. Teachers must also be aware of the content of the text chosen by students, as it may not be appropriate for a school assignment. Teachers must also make sure a student does not bite off more than they can chew with a selection. Some students may choose a text that is just way over their head. This could cause those students to fall behind on scheduled assignments and tasks. Special care must be taken by the teacher and the student when freedom of choice is given. The rewards can be great but the penalty can be even

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