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All my life I've been shy. All my life I've struggled to talk in front of the class or a big crowd. There's introverted people and extroverted people, I'm in the introverted group. Every time I get up to present a project or a speech my heart starts pounding and I start to stutter, it's the worst. I've never been confident with standing up and talking in front of people unless they're my close friends. Though I want to be more confident in myself it's hard, especially in high school where everyone judges you based on your looks and even the way you express yourself. And although some people tell me, "You aren't ready for college if you're shy" I don't give it too much importance because I don't think in college I will work in groups to get my assignments done, But I do think that being more independent and reserved is a great advantage. Introverted people; shy, quiet, reserved people exactly what I am. I'm that person that likes to do my assignments and turn it in rather than presenting it to the whole class. While the teacher asks for volunteers I stare away in hope that my name won't come out of her mouth. I've always been very reserved when it comes to talking out loud, I just don't feel comfortable and feel like every time I speak no one is listening or no one understands me.…show more content…
I dislike to get up in front of the class and have to present an essay or project. I feel a little bit more comfortable when it's a small class because I feel as if not many people are actually paying attention to me. Though sometimes I like to stand up and have my voice be heard, it's a struggle: a struggle to see many eyes staring at you and most likely judging you, a struggle to stand up straight as if I was in the army, a struggle of a feeling of pressure to speak of a topic I'm unsure of, then have my peers classify me as the "dumb one" when not answering

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