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Most of the animals in the world are pretty fascinating, but the guinea pig is an amazing animal. All of its qualities and interesting information about it makes guinea pigs that they are. The goal in this paper is to inform you about three qualities of guinea pigs: physical characteristics, habitat and communication, and its behavior towards human beings and other animals. The guinea pigs physical characteristics are quite some characteristics. They are plump and short-legged. Their span is approximately from 8 to 9 inches, which is 20 to 50 centimeters in length for a full grown adult. Adult guinea pigs are about 5 inches, which is 13 centimeters tall. There are different kinds of guinea pigs: the Americans have short smooth hair, the Abyssinian has short hair that grows in curly form, and the last one is the Peruvian which has longer and silkier hair. Also there are some breeds that have no hair; they come in different color combinations such as black, tan, cream, brown, and white. Their heads are direct with small ears. Guinea pigs eyes are on the sides of their head which allows them to look…show more content…
They communicate with each using their body. To communicate they use gurgling, grunting, and or rumbling noises. When a guinea pig growls or grunts it is to welcome a friendly fellow. They also have different signs to show submission to bigger guinea pigs by lowering their head or making a rumbling noise. A guinea pigs habitat is pretty specific. They can be kept indoors or outdoors, although they prefer to be indoors. If they are indoors depending on the size they need a big cage with extra room for them to exercise. Outdoors in the wild they like to fest on leaves, hay, grass, and or even flowers. A clover is the best treat for a guinea pig. They enjoy bearing themselves underground and to co-exist when they are in family groups. Guinea pigs are mostly active during dawn and

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