Importance Of Attitude Towards Group Work

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Chapter I Introduction This paper is based on the findings from research examining MFU second and third year students’ attitudes towards group work. This study begins with a brief overview that follows a literature review section explaining about “attitudes” and “group work”. In addition, the methods used for data collection, and data analysis are described. To sum up, the results of this study are presented following the discussion and recommendations sections. In our increasingly competitive world, universities are being challenged to provide high quality education. Furthermore, universities have duty to train students to have teamwork skills which is very important for 21st century workplaces. It is generally accepted that group work is an effective learning method because of its providing opportunities for students to hold a discussion, exchange and share information. On the other hand, group work can emerge difficulties or problems because many different members have to complete only one as a result. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to investigate second and third year students’ attitudes towards group work. 1.1. Attitudes The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English…show more content…
Firstly, they sometimes dealt with inequalities of effort among group members because students who take on such leadership roles are more likely to believe that they do most of the work. Not only does the unfair sharing of workload annoy students, but often free riders benefit from higher grades achieved by the efforts of other group members. Secondly, they indicated that finding common times that suited all members was a challenge because they are studying under different schedules. Some students are disappointed in group work because of inconsistent attendance, and lack of

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