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Should Poetry Be Taught In Schools? Poetry, why is it important? Do we really need poetry in our schools? Contrary to belief, poetry has a greater impact on students than you might think. The students that sit in the back of the class and pray not be called on, could be called either shy, or antisocial. Poetry lets you have the freedom to express yourself and get to know others in ways you might have never thought and help you in being more social. In this paper I am going to list three points on why poetry should and should not be taught in schools. With the help of research I came across a topic on with many points on with people should connect with others. Connecting to people is very important, being connected to people helps give you a sense of identity and self-worth. Poetry can help describe your emotions or help you understand someone else’s. Elena Aguilar says writing poetry or even reading poetry, can offer you an understanding into someone’s life. In the poem “Mental Cases” by Wilfred Owen, he gives you a sense of fear in his…show more content…
If you read a poem that someone has written about a life mistake, you could read their poem, learn from it, and save yourself or someone else. Poetry is connecting with people you do not even know. Poetry is about feelings with no other way to express them so you write them down. Furthermore, maybe schools could just make poetry an elective. To get the feel of it though, it should be taught for at least a minimum week. For those that were interested in the poetry section, these students could take it as an elective the next semester or year. Those that are not interested only have to deal with poetry for a little while and not a whole class. Poetry is important and needs to be taught, but what is the point of teaching if you are not getting the students full

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