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Montessori education was created by Italian physician and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori; the first female doctor in Italy. The Montessori Method came around in the late 1800s when Dr. Montessori began to study children with special needs. Maria Montessori did extensive research with these children, ultimately helping them become more independent as well as emphasize the child's freedom and respect for themselves and others. Her observation and study led her to what she called “The Planes of Development”. This is the natural progression of stages in human development. Starting in Italy where Montessori lived, learned and worked, the method began to travel around the world and in the early 1900s, was introduced to the United States. There are…show more content…
I had never heard of Montessori until I applied at the school I am working at. When touring the school, I instantly fell in love with the method. The Montessori Method is very interesting because it isn’t anything I have ever seen before. It is all about the children. It is amazing to see the children interacting with each other while doing their work. It gives children the freedom to do what they like to do instead of having to do what everyone else is doing. The child can explore new things that they might not have learned in another school setting. It is a laid back environment which allows the students to feel relaxed and allows them to just be themselves. All of the children I have met have been very outgoing and none of them are shy. They are all passionate about what they are learning and all of them want to learn. This method encourages students to go to school and makes it fun for them and the staff. After spending some time and emailing back and forth with teacher Laurie Moreno, who has taught in a Montessori setting for 18 years as well as trains Montessori teachers every year, I am learning all there is to know about what Montessori really is. It's all about the child's ability to grow and be independent. It's much different from other school since the child has the ability to learn what they want and find things they are passionate

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