Becoming A Successful Student

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Everyone expects to be successful in whatever he or she does, and to accomplish this purpose there are sacrifices and choices one has to make. And for us as students, there are some qualities that we must poses or activities that we should engage in to ensure our success. In my experience, best things never come easy and hence to become a better student and be able to attain your degree one must have to work hard for it. This achievement must be driven by an aim to achieve a given set goal and also motivated towards that achievement. As stated earlier that nothing comes easy, there is need to keep going and in this case become persistent in everything you do. Some challenges accompany college life such as having trouble accessing the Internet…show more content…
By telling yourself, you can do it makes a good start for a positive mind that leads to solution-oriented thinking that ensures success. There is need to have a support system as they assist in several ways that will determine your success as an example I had problems during my first years of college as I had not engaged more with my colleagues or even my advisors. As a result, my performance was not very good but then later after making friends and knowing the right people to approach when there is need it helped especially the times I felt low we could engage in some sports activity with my friends, and this helped much in alleviating those stressing moments. Through working together assisted in developing our careers and ensured better…show more content…
This agreement also shows your determination when you physically seek help from your professors, and this will boost your performance in general. You should also engage in other spheres of life as life does not end after attaining your degree but you will need somewhere to go for placement, and this can easily be achieved through engagement in clubs and other social activities. Never miss attending a class unless there is a non-avoidable circumstance as this may affect your final grade taking notes is the surest way to remain on track as you cannot memorize every content given. Having a habit to participate in class will help in better understanding and ensure to pay attention in your studies. In determining a successful student one should evaluate their study time as they will find time to review the notes and the kind of groups they form will spend most of its time studying. The most killer of success is procrastination and hence to be better in your studies set some specific small goals that can be attained within short periods of time as they seem easy to accomplish than large ones. Ensure that you keep track of your progress to ensure that you fulfill all the requirements that are required for that particular task as this will help in achieving your desired

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