Physical Therapy Argumentative Essay

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When students begin to decide which college they wish to attend, they consider many different criteria. Incoming students wish to know if the school is in a large town, or if the school’s graduates are likely to receive a job. However, the primary question asked is whether or not the colleges they consider can prepare them for success in their career field. In today's ever changing medical scene, the educational requirements necessary to prepare to receive a job in the healthcare field are constantly changing. As science advances and more people seek out clinical treatments for their ailments, the prerequisites needed to provide this healthcare are becoming more and more rigorous. This is especially evident in the field of physical therapy.…show more content…
This degree can only be earned from a program that has been monitored and approved by higher organizations, such as the American Physical Therapy Association. When authorizing different programs, these organizations place great emphasis on the formality and structure of the programs. People cannot become accredited physical therapists unless they go through a program that has met the requirements for formality and structure (Pechak and Black). These requirements cover a broad spectrum of physical therapy education, ranging from requiring Doctor of Physical Therapy programs to meet local needs and have transparent goals to compelling students to maintain professionalism while using social media (Pechak and Black). These guidelines ensure that Doctor of Physical therapy programs provide the highest form of education for their students, thus producing physical therapists who are likely to…show more content…
During a typical Doctor of Physical Therapy program, emphasis is placed on palliative care, the branch of healthcare providing comfort and care for people who are terminally ill (New Oxford American Dictionary), because studies have shown that students who undergo education in palliative care later feel more prepared to provide this type of care to patients (Chiarelli, Johnston, and Osmotherly). As comfort and rehabilitation practices form the foundation of the field of physical therapy, knowledge of palliative care is essential to becoming a successful physical therapist and a necessary skill to acquire before working in a clinic. For example, studies have shown that physical therapy techniques can be used to reduce pain and improve mood in patients with terminal cancers (López-Sendín et al.). When prospective physical therapists are educated in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program, they are taught palliative care techniques, such as massage and different exercises (López-Sendín et al.), which are necessary for them to know how to provide the care required by their patients and bring relief to people who suffer. As this type of healthcare is so important within the scope of physical therapy, it is

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