Baseball Research Method

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Methods During this experiment certain materials had to be used. The materials used were as listed below. • Baseball • Baseball glove • Meter stick • Data table • Speed gun • Pitcher These material had to be used in order to perform this experiment proficiently. This experiment was developed by thinking about baseball and experiments related to that topic. Multiple trials were performed in order to get a sufficient amount of data. There were four mound heights tested. For each height five pitches were thrown. Five trials were performed in order to have enough proof to prove the hypothesis. These methods were used to insure the right amount of data. These methods test the hypothesis by changing a pitching mounds height and calculating the speed of each pitch from each mound height. This experiment is used to find out whether or not the height of a pitching mound will affect the speed. This experiment will be conducted by…show more content…
The experiment answered the question being asked and helped people learn something. If any changes could have been made to the experiment a few would definitely take place. One minor change would to start from the highest point of the mound and work down towards flat ground. Another change would be to change the type of ball. A different ball could have different mass and travel at a greater or lower speed than a baseball. Making these changes could reduce the errors that occurred during this experiment. Doing research about this topic was somewhat tricky. The research was to find whether or not any body had ever done this experiment before, or something similar to it. The research had to contain information that talked about the history of baseball mounds and the dimensions of a mound. If this experiment was to be continued the next step would be to do further research on more baseball experiments. The next step would be to use some of the changes that are mentioned
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