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American Sniper, 2014’s highest grossing film, featured Bradley Cooper as the late Chris Kyle, a veteran reputable for being the United States’ most lethal sniper in its military history. This film not only afforded international attention towards Chris Kyle, but also to his early death, caused by trivial means. Chris Kyle and his close associate Chad Littlefield volunteered February 2, 2013 to help Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine Corps veteran, deal with his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by taking him to a rural shooting range southwest of Dallas. It was at this shooting range that Eddie Ray Routh had shot (multiple times) and killed both Kyle and Littlefield, and went home to tell his sister—and was subsequently reported and attempted to…show more content…
Upon leaving the Marines, Routh had returned home with a copious range of symptoms for PTSD. Weeks and months before killing Kyle and Littlefield, Routh’s relatives informed the police that he had been profoundly troubled and was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to court documents. According to police records, he had trouble with the authorities in parts of Northern Texas, and displayed massive amounts of irreverence. He had also made threats of killing himself, police records showed. Before the shooting, Routh had been receiving treatment at the Dallas V.A. Medical Center and Green Oaks Hospital, a psychiatric center in Dallas, in two separate occasions. Almost a week before shooting Kyle and Littlefield (January 29th), Routh was released a second time from the hospital, according to his lawyers, R. Shay Isham and J. Warren St. John. On both occasions of release, Routh’s mother and father, Jodi and Raymond Routh, had protested against his release, his legal representatives…show more content…
This was a reference by Routh to his stealing and driving of Kyle’s pick-up truck shortly after the shooting, to evade police and drive home. After being detained, he was put under three million dollar bail, and was placed under suicide watch. Routh, who was an active member of the Marines Corps Reserve, was first paced in a mental hospital September 2, 2012, after threatening to kill his family and himself, according to Lancaster police records. The authorities found Routh trudging with neither shirt nor shoes, and smelling of hard liquor. Routh had informed the authorities that he was a Marine veteran suffering from PTSD. According to the police report, “Eddie stated he was hurting and that his family does not understand what he has been through.” According to Routh’s mother, Routh had been drinking because his father had told him that he was going to sell his gun. Ms. Routh continued by telling that Routh had argued with them, and then threatened to “blow his [own] brains out.” This is what led to Routh’s first visit to a psychiatric hospital. The reason for the second hospital visit in mid-January ends with a woman calling police, claiming she was fearing for Routh’s safety. The second hospital visit’s information ends here, as due to patient confidentiality, this is all the information procurable. In another

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