Batman Vs Superman Research Paper

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There were many superheroes in DC comics. The most reputable heroes in DC universities are Superman and Batman. They , however, had some differences, for examples, in their ability, attitude, and social life. First, their ability was actually no match. Superman was an alien, came from others planet, who had a really different power between him and a normal human. On the first chapter of its comic, it was stated that superman power was liked a God. He could fly, lift up a truck, breathed like an ice storm, and many mores. Batman, on the other hands, was just only a normal human, but he mastered ninja technique that he used to fight his enemy. Despites the fact that he just a normal human, but he had a genius brain to outcome his enemy. Like a real bat and his ninja technique, batman use hide-and-seek strategy to fight his enemy. Surprisingly, it always went well.…show more content…
However, his step parents taught him to use the power for good purposes. He didn't show off his power to impress his friends, but the power was always kept hidden until someone needed it. Superman is a kind-hearted person. In a contrast, batman came from a rich family. His parents were killed by an anonymous. Yet, batman never regret to revenge about his parents dead. After learning ninja's technique, Bruce Wayne (batman true identity) became batman to protect his city, the Gotham city. Bruce Wayne, however, was just look liked James Bond if we talked about their girls. Yes, they both had a lot of girls in their

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