Slumdog Millionaire Comparative Essay

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In all three films the media manipulates the audience's, yet in every film the ideology of living vicariously through the media allows them to succumb to believing it. In Slumdog Millionaire, the media influences the audiences into belive the utopian ending that the protagonist will live happily ever after. The viewers of the film gave into their ideology of wanting a happy ending, because they want to not question the uncertainties at the end of the film. It is easier to be submissive to the information that one is given, then to question. At the end of the film both audience yield to the idealistic ending. The audience and viewers lust after the utopian conclusion and therefore allow it to be their reality. Similarly in Truman Show, at the…show more content…
This idea follows the titling of the film, “True Man” Show, it’s a pun on the fact that the story was not about a true man, but a man made to be an actor. By just looking at the words “True Man” one may not question anything more than its face value, the life of a man on reality television. This thought process is skewed and immoral. Even though the audience watching Truman Show, allows themselves to be manipulated simply because they want to be escaping their life and start living Truman's. The difference in this film is that the viewers do not give into the media control, after witnessing the control that Christoff has on Truman they further detach themselves from the media. The viewer's prior to watching Truman Show leave with mix emotions, that although there is happiness he found freedom the stresses of reality are still awaiting to effect him. Similarly to Truman Show, in Rear Window Jeffier’s watches his neighbors for entertainment purposes, but also to live vicariously through their exciting lives. However the more he devotes to watching, the more he connects to them and becomes fixated on certain elements to refine his supposed

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