Feminism As Discipline

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Women have always been globally underrepresented in the major decision –making processes in the political as well as in the private sector. This low participation is due to various societal norms that plays a major role in the lower participation of women. Leadership and political sphere is still considered as a ‘dirty area’ from which women needs to be protected. Also women are considered to be following social norms which would dictate them there domestic role. Despite these challenges women has made a remarkable mark in the governance. There has been huge international emphasis on introduction of quotas for women so that they can participate in the various decision making positions in both social as well as political field. To resurrect…show more content…
It has often been said to be credited for inserting “the woman question” in various disciplines. Feminism has now been broadened into several other disciplinary fields such as history, political science and anthropology. Feminism draws together its research from several other disciplines to inform the understanding of women’s experiences and situations. It also provides a useful model for coordinating among the diverse social sciences. Feminism as a discipline is focussed on the gender as well as on the social inequalities as a result of certain values and assumptions based on gender. As a group it is concerned with the implications of historic and contemporary exploitation of the woman within the society. They also try to empower women and also transform the institutions and norms dominated by men. A very important characteristic of feminism is that it tries to integrate practise and theory. This recognised desirability has led many feminists to gravitate towards law and legal reform as objects of study and action. The fact that feminism has its impact can be well noticed in the huge influx of women into the law schools beginning in the…show more content…
Also the property related laws were also altered accordingly. The feminist movement resolved the dilemma on the importance of gender analysis and the possibilities of how women should be treated. Thus the feminist movement actually provided the correct guidance of how women should be treated and laid the foundation of women empowerment . Discrimination against women There has always been a great discrimination among women and it is required that such gender based violence, economic discrimination, reproductive health inequities and traditional practices remain the most common form discrimination. Women from time immemorial has been facing endless struggle. It varied from fundamental rights, like right to life, food and shelter and also other rights like right to property, political rights etc. There is a need that positive steps should be taken in this direction. With this background, we will analyse the position of women in Indian economy ,in terms of set of indicators. These indicators are classified into four types: i. Work ii. Education iii.

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