Examples Of Meditation

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Meditation Meditate is a verb which means to be contemplative or reflective. The goal of contemplation and reflection is to gain deeper knowledge and understanding. Examples of mediation are also found in the Bible. Many references to meditation can be found in the book of Psalms and convey the idea of meditating on God’s power, promises and faithfulness to His people. Meditation can be done in a variety of ways. It may be quiet personal contemplation away from distractions. It could also be through listening to Christian sermons and speakers, or reading the Bible or other Christian writing. Sometimes mantras are used as a means of focusing the mind. Inside a church people are often contemplative and quiet. There is respect and reverence in this sacred space. Before a service, people may sit quietly in the church, letting go of outside thoughts and preparing their minds to hear the message. Likewise, indigenous people use meditation, contemplation and reflection in understanding Creator. The sweat lodge is a quiet and sacred space, just like Christian churches. When preparing for a sweatbath, people are quiet and contemplative, turning their minds to sacred things and pushing out bad thoughts. Indigenous people believe that silence provides perfect equilibrium and balance to provide an…show more content…
Dancing, singing and drumming are significant parts of the powwow. Drumming is considered “the heartbeat of the people” and the singing and dancing is a form of prayer. Smoking a pipe is common at these events and it is believed that the smoke carries the prayers to the Creator. Common celebratory dances include the Sun Dance and the Ghost Dance. The Sun Dance is a celebration of the life-giving nature of the sun, which usually begins in the morning at sunrise and may end anytime from noon to sunset. The Ghost Dance for many tribes, was a recognition of the promise of
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