Australia Federation Case Study

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What is federation?/ When did Canberra become the capital city of Australia? And Why? Why did they start the federation of Australia?/ How did the Aboriginals feel about the federation of Australia? / How did we become a nation in 1901?/ Why did the states over come jealousy of one another for NSW and Victoria? What events led to the Australian Federation? / How did the Australian federation affect women? Why did some states in Australia not want to be part of the Australian federation? Who were the key people that wanted federation? And how did they encourage it? / What is federation? Federation is when Australia became an independent nation. This occurred on the first of January 1901 when the British…show more content…
Some of the most major events that led to federation of Australia includes Sir Henry Parkes had wanted to urge all six colonies together to build the federation of Australia, this is how the federation of Australia began to grow. The federation of Australia held a conference in Corowa, NSW, for people apart of the federation that wanted to urge all the colonial parliaments to hold new conventions and to decide on a draft constitution. They held a second National Australian convention to agree on the constitution. In January 1899 all premiers hold a private meeting to agree on several changes to the constitution, during April and July referendums were held in South Australia, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania as which a majority voted 'yes' to the bill and in September Queensland voters endorsed the constitution. On the 1st of January 1901 the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed in Centennial Park, Sydney. On the 29th and the 30th of March the first Commonwealth was held. On the 9th of May The Duke of Cornwall and York and later King Gorge V opened the first parliament of the Commonwealth Of Australia in the Exhibition Structure in Melbourne. These main events was part of what led to the Australian

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