How Did New Zealand Lose The Australian Federation

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The federation of Australia is single handily one of the most important factors of Australia’s history. 1901 Australia created the Constitution of federation, and Australia for the first time became a recognised Nation. In these documents it was written that New Zealand would also conform and become part of the Australian Nation. At the last minute though New Zealand dropped out of the federation and decided to remain independent rather then join forces with the Australian Nation. Many believe that this could be because they did not want to lose their National and cultural identity, this could be because they saw Australia as one of their biggest rival with trade, or it could could be simply that New Zealand is scared that if they join forces with Australia their military would conjoin and that would leave New Zealand vulnerable ion the case of invasion. All these factors are believed to be reasons but it also can be seen to be more then that and more of a act of a individualistic culture.…show more content…
Prior to the European colonization of New Zealand there wasn’t an overwhelming understanding of identity. Many Maori tribes failed to see eye to eye and recognise themselves along with these other tribes as a whole until 1835 where they decided and agreed on the Declaration of independence for New Zealand, which was organised by a group called “the confederation of national tribes”. Although this agreement was made it is considered that many Europeans where indeed needed to visit numerous amounts of leaders in order to get the Waitangi treaty which later involved Europe into

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