Australian Federal System

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The Australian federal system is a modern and democratic one in that power is shared among a number of govts. The nation is divided into states which have their own parliaments. These parliaments are responsible for certain areas such as transport, power, water, and education. One of the principles the constitution was written on was that the states would retain their existing power, and ability to govern their own people, the federal Government was meant to play a smaller role than it does today. This allows the central authority to make laws about issues that affect the entire nation such as immigration, currency, defence, and trade. The high court of Australia was also established in the constitution to both rule on disputes between the…show more content…
This means that even the federal government has representation from all over the nation and the Senate was created to solely represent the states. It is clear the federal system is set up to represent all citizen and include them in law making. Even if some members and former member have stated against the Senate like then Prime Minister Paul Keating referring to them as ‘unrepresentative swill’ the Senate is there to represent the states interests in Canberra governing. This is outlined in the constitution under section 7 seven through to 23. The federal system also creates somewhat of a dual citizenship for people, on one hand a person is an Australian who votes in the federal election on national issues and on another hand they can vote in state and local elections. These election allow the person to vote on issues that affect their everyday life and issues that are more close to home. This allows people to engage in politics more directly and creates a more representative government on all levels. Also within the federal system a citizen can move freely between states with relative ease. This provides an incentive for states to attract more people and improve the services they already provide to ensure many won’t leave. The Australian federal system allows for checks and balances on power, this is upheld in the constitution. The federal system ensures that all power and authority can be checked and the individuals held responsible for their actions if they overstep them. This protects the individual citizens from the power of the state. This is incredibly important when Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman has said that the separation of powers is ‘More of an American

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