Attending Catholic School

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For myself and among many others, high school is a point in time where young people become self-aware of who they are and how they want to be defined as individuals. To some, this new awareness can be terrifying in one way or another. For me, however, this enlightenment has allowed me to finally become a self-approved, developed individual. Growing up in a religious family sheltered me from experiencing various types of exposure and aspects of the world around me. My parents inadvertently continued to shelter me even throughout my middle school years by sending me to a Catholic school. Attending Catholic school prevented me from having opinions other than those of the Catholic Church's. The concept of branching out and inheriting my own opinions and individuality never even crossed my mind at the time. Halfway through my freshman year of high school, I was finally able to remove the figurative shroud that the Catholic faith had put over my eyes. I then recognized the world in its natural light and concluded that it was time to leave my faith behind me.…show more content…
My parents argued with me day and night, trying to convince me that there was a "God." Apparently, my mind was being poisoned by the other teenagers at the high school. My brother, however, was very supportive of my choice and argued my case with my parents. Since abandoning the beliefs that were not my own, I have been able to expand my horizons and explore a variety of aspects and customs beyond the Church with a more skeptical regime. Not interpreting all of my choices and actions as "the way God intended" opened me up to a world I never could have experienced if I had stayed committed to the Catholic
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