Personal Narrative Analysis

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It was the first day of summer and my family and I were travelling to Michigan for a week. My mom stated that we were going to visit relatives there for a week. Once we hopped in the car we started the motor. As I heard the soft murmuring of the motor I knew we were going to get moving. On the way there we looked at many peculiar creatures along the road. Once we got there we went into the house and met our relatives. Our relatives were very nice and they had very good neighbors. In the small town, my family and I went on many fun activities. One of the activities included horseback riding, and that was exhilarating. Then we went back to have lunch , then we went to Pine-lake and went fishing. The kids and I went for a bike ride around town, and we saw many different things there. We went to the deer reserve in the zoo, and feed the deer ferns. My family and I went to the…show more content…
When we got to a diner it wasn't that packed but the food was great. I had the BLT, my sister’s had the soup, my mom and dad shared a steak, and my aunt had shrimp. We all had different things but at the end of the day were stuffed. My mom said that I ate the least of the food, so I had it boxed and stored it in the fridge until lunch the next day. It was time to leave. My sisters and I gave our hugs and handshakes. We got in the jeep and hit the road leaving Kings Ford for another year. Mom and Dad stopped at a gas station and got some snacks, and we got back into Cornell. The parents threw our things on the living room floor and went to get lunch. It was very sad that we had to leave but there is always next year. Another year passed and my mom and dad were set to go but our car was being stupid so we were delayed. My mom said that the jeeps motor wasn't working. The car was broken. My mom called my aunt and asked her if she could come up and visit us here. My aunt did come and see us but it was only for the

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