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“When you die, I’m going to take your job.” I told my second grade music teacher. I’ve always loved music, but it became my passion when I transferred to All Saints Regional Catholic School and began to cantor in church, earn the lead in the plays, and even joined the hand bell choir. For a while I loved music because I was good at it, I had a good ear and I loved the thrill of performing. My time at the Performing Arts Academy showed me the importance of education and the arts. I transferred to Monsignor Donovan High School to retain my catholic identity, receive a distinguished education, and develop my music and performance skills. While attending All Saints Regional Catholic School, my catholic identity developed; transforming me into a mature and charitable young lady. Music shaped the way I saw the world as I sang in church, nursing homes, and school plays. My music teacher inspired me in my faith and my music, she became my confirmation sponsor, and I chose Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music as my patron saint.…show more content…
My music teacher and directors always complimented my work ethic and my drive. Throughout my high school years I have run into many obstacles with different types of people that I have encountered along the way. Some are quirky theatre geeks like me, some are theatre geeks with a mean streak, some are halfway between sports and theatre, and many of them are secret nerds like me. All of these types of people can tap their foot, maybe not exactly to the right beat, but they can appreciate a song for its entirety. If my song can make someone tap a foot, go silent with awe, feel a strong connection, or spark their imagination, I’m the happiest woman

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