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In my essay, I will be looking at the relationship between General Franco and the Catholic Church from the end of the Spanish Civil war in 1939 up until 1953 when the Pact of Madrid was signed. I will also examine how the position of the Catholic Church changed with Franco’s victory. When Franco recorded a victory at the end of the civil war in 1939 so too did the Catholic Church as they had supported Franco throughout the war and they would now reap the rewards with Franco in charge. In order to examine the positive relationship between Franco and the Church, I will first look at the role of the Catholic Church during the civil war. The Socialists felt that to create their economically prosperous society then they needed to get rid of the influence of the Catholic Church. The Anarchists, however, more directly targeted the Church directly as they wanted to get rid of all religious influences in their new society. They attacked the Church directly with the burning of monasteries, schools and convents. When the Spanish Republic was declared in 1931, the Church suffered further as education was taken away from the hands of the Church. During the republic, Churches were often set ablaze in major cities, for example in 1933, a catholic church in…show more content…
Coverdale who says, ‘The provisional government issued a series of decrees and regulations that upset many Catholics. It established full freedom of conscience and worship; made religious instruction voluntary in State schools; dissolved the chaplain corps of the army and navy; replaced the traditional religious oath of office with a promise; deprived the Church of representation in the National Council on Education; and prohibited government officials from attending public religious acts.’ Undoubtedly, this was a factor which led to the Church lending their support to the Nationalists under Francisco

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