Religious Exemptions In The United States

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Religious Exemptions are more often being singled out for special treatment. For example, objection to warfare. Many civilians were against violence and war because of their religious beliefs. Another example is being against gay marriage being legal in all 50 states. Religious exemptions are becoming more of a “big deal” because it is being used as a weapon. Religion is part of most cultures.That being said, religious exemptions are becoming more used and powerful in the United States today. As of summer 2015, gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states. This was the act of allowing same sex couples to expand their relationship statuses. For a lot of civilians this was a big mark in American history. As of the people against this act, it created…show more content…
There are ways to go around the collision of the two. If someone is against gay marriage, and they are still a clerk giving out marriage license, it is time to change careers. Also, the gay couple that went to Kim in the first place, could have been rejected by her then went to another place. This situation cause many eye openers for the same sex couples as well as religious people. With that being said, this is only the beginning of religious arguments over same sex rights and same sex marriages. Kim Davis may have let people of her same beliefs to stand up for their religious rights and keep refusing causing more tension between the LGBT community along with the supporters and religious…show more content…
In religious views, marriage was defined with a man and a women. The Bible, in Leviticus 18:22, says: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination," Also, marriage leads to procreation, people of religion often believe that if a daughter is growing up without a father, she is more than likely to be sexually active before marriage. Not just causing early pregnancies but also breaking the religion. For example, no sex before marriage. There are many arguments that state that what one person does with with their body is their own decision, no matter the religious views. There is no way someone can define another person by what they wear, what they do for a living, or who they plan to marry. Religion can make a person. Just like drugs can make a person. Religion has people view things in religious ways, as drugs make people see things a certain

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