Characteristics Of Listening And Assertiveness

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Listening and Assertiveness Listening skills is the capability to conceptualize information considerately and process the data correctly and in the process seeking to comprehend the other person’s feelings, personality, unspoken words and motivation. In business set-up managers need to possess good listening skills so that their roles as managers are properly executed in achieving the organisational goals and objectives. Key attributes of listening are building rapport with peers, staff and customers and showing support with ability to solve problems with customers and peers. McGuinness, M. (2007, June 19) ( Assertive communication is the ability to influence others and setting boundaries while maintaining a positive…show more content…
The following are critical characteristics of good feedback; candid, specific, brief, timely and organisational rationale motive hence building a culture in one’s organisation with top leadership advocating policy of robust dialogue characterised by candour, openness. In a business set up leaders must always reflect feedback mechanism to create an environment of creative and innovation in problem solving and display behaviours which replicate feedback culture and motivation. Petro, R., Petty, A. (2007 September 18)…show more content…
The key to interviewee is on preparation and careful planning will make sure that one’ interview will go successful by either researching on the organisation, dressing neatly with ability to articulate previous work experience if any, and one’s competency. In business set-up applicants respond to adverts either electronic or print media and are short listed for the first interview and then the selection interview follow up and then recruitment. ( Forbes (2010, April 28) Coaching involves helping others learn in ways that let them grow in achieving the purpose to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking and be able to do SWOT analysis for one self in order to attain challenging goals. In a business managers need to build relationship and trust for easier of learning and providing assessment in a gauge-reflect model and motivating and encouraging the trainee.

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