The Benefits Of University Education

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Education as we know it is the foundation of development. According to Cambridge English Dictionary, education is "the process of teaching or learning, especially in a school or college..." (Cambridge English Dictionary, 2016), we as humans cannot develop into better beings if we are not educated well. We become ignorant to everything when we lack education. This then creates a ripple effect in our society because it affects it in a number of ways, one of them being a country's economy. University education is a form of education where in it teaches students a higher level of education in order to develop their knowledge on certain lessons that are beneficial to them in the future. A lot of the citizens in our world today are uneducated. This…show more content…
Reality is that only a few numbers of graduates get a job this is because companies tend to look for students who excel in their studies. Some, if not most, students don't get the same benefits or can't even get a decent job like those who took up a higher level of education. It's because university education costs quite a lot and even these students want to pursue into studying in a higher level of education they cannot because of the said reason. "Workers with at least a bachelor’s degree earn more, have lower unemployment rates..." (TriNet, 2014). If we give free university education to all the students it will equip them with the needed and added knowledge to be able to prepare themselves for what lies ahead without paying for it. They will be able to find better jobs because of their great educational background and everyone benefits from it, not only the…show more content…
Having more graduates in a country can increase its manpower. Graduates tend to do more than those that are not educated since they are equipped with necessary skills to do more jobs than someone who has not graduated. Education is a human capital and plays a major role in making a significant improvement in a country’s economic growth. “From 1960 to 1985, the share of adult Americans with at least a college degree more than doubled, to 19 percent from less than 8 percent. From 1985 to 2010, though, the share rose by only about half, to 30 percent. This slowdown has exacerbated inequality and crimped growth.” (Peter Orszag, 2013). One of the factors that hinder people from being educated is the lack of funds to pay the costs of education. Providing free education can go a long way. From decreasing unemployment rate, to reducing criminal activity, it gives the people better options in life. And not only can the people benefit from it, but the country as well. Overall, free education can help in economic growth. Everyone should have equal chances in life. It’s also important to remember that education is a right that everyone has and it is only right that everyone should be

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