Awesome Chemistry Experiment: Orange LED Light In Liquid Nitrogen

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3 Awesome Chemistry Experiments • Orange LED Light In Liquid Nitrogen Let’s start from the initial face by understanding something about how an LED lamp is constructed. The most important part of the LED is the semiconductor material that the electrons flow through to create light. The semiconductor consists of anode and cathode having balance band and the energy difference between the bands is known as band gap. This distance dictates what color the LED will be. When an LED is immersed in liquid nitrogen, exothermic reaction takes place and electrons lose a lot of thermal energy, even when the light isn't turned on. When this happens, the bandgap in the semiconductors increases. Since this gap is increased, when electrons in the conduction band fall to the valence band, they emit a higher energy light, meaning the…show more content…
Turn the power supply on. 3. Dunk the LED into the liquid nitrogen, submerging completely. 4. Wait and watch as the LED shifts from one color of the spectrum to the next. • Putting Out Candles With Carbon Dioxide Carbon dioxide is produced by mixing baking soda and vinegar together. Carbon dioxide being denser settles bottom of the glass. When you pour the gas from glass onto the candle, you are pouring out the carbon dioxide, which will sink and replace the (oxygen-containing) air surrounding the candle with carbon dioxide. It extinguishes the fire by creating suffocation. METHOD • Take the two candles and place them next to each other in the bowl. • Then pour in about 100ml of vinegar. Be careful you don't spill it as this stuff really smells! • Now it's time to light the candles. Make sure there is an adult around to help you do this. • Add half a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, sit back, and watch. It should start to bubble furiously. A chemical reaction is taking place that is producing invisible carbon dioxide gas. The candles go out as the gas rises; the shorter one goes out first, and then the taller one.

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