Evaluate Strategies To Overcome Communication Barriers

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Evaluate strategies used in health and social care environments to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interaction. Staff training Without staff training, there could be various barriers. This is the reason people require constant training despite the situation. During the majority of courses, they train staff on how to control their emotions and their reactions to a particular situation in a health and social care setting. A positive attribution of staff training is that it produces many new skills and will acquire on how to become not only a better service provider, but a better person too. It is important for them to learn new skills in order to learn how to control their responses to new events. A way for…show more content…
For example, when an individual is being told off for something they have done wrong, remaining calm can lead to a quick resolution and keeps the atmosphere positive afterwards. Language needs/preferences strategies Often for individuals who have come into an environment which is new can lead to communicational barriers as people cannot communicate in the same language as others. There are several methods to overcome the language barrier; some people choose to carry a dictionary with them which enable them to translate their choice of words from their language to the new language. The media has also helped people overcome language barriers as there are recordings which individuals can listen to in order to clear their understanding to the new language. In most health and social care settings, there are translators which help those who have language as a communication barrier and cannot effectively get their point across. The language preference strategy is also a conductive and good technique which helps individuals who are willing to learn a new language with many properties. Interpreters, signers and

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