Argumentative Essay On Free Will

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What exactly is free will? Do human beings all have free will? These open ended and undetermined questions have perplexed many for as long as humans have been making choices. Any person you propose this question to will often a very distinct answer to it, and any specific person’s answer may greatly differ to the next. There is an innumerable amount of perceived answers to those questions addressed in the beginning of the text; because of this there are countless answers it seems that there is no clear answer that everyone will agree on. However, before we attempt to divulge in answering the question on whether we posses free will, we must first define the term itself. Free will means having the capacity to choose between two or more distinct options. Any individual has the ability to choose what they want to do with themselves. As an example, you have the capacity to chose what you would like to eat for breakfast. If someone offers a person the choice between an omelet or a bagel, their choice on what they prefer to eat is free will. Free will helps a person chose between more substantial things than just simple breakfast foods. Free will can result in someone’s life happiness based on what major they chose to pursue, or even Perry 2 who they would like to marry. However, having explained…show more content…
He claims that all things are simply made of atoms and small particles that influenced on by the properties of physics, these properties include laws like gravity and acceleration. However, with him believing in this it deteriorates his entire concept and theory on free will. Jerry Coyne assumes that physics is the ultimate power, but also it undermines all other physically proven sciences that are just as accurate. One example of this is the field of biology, this field insists that all things in the world have been influenced by the evolutionary theory and only the fittest survive. However,
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