Free Argumentative Essays: Censorship In America

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Syed Refaie Mrs. Neel English 1 – 5th Period 23 September 2015 Censorship in America In America there are plenty of things that are censored, movies, books, games, clothing, and many more. Censorship restricts people from seeing or using specific things at a setting. But couldn’t this censorship infringe the First Amendment rights? The freedoms to do things, read books, use the entertainment we have, wear clothing, and see all sorts of content. There is plenty of censorship everywhere for example; a censorship in movies rated by G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, but this is just one instance of censorship in America. Censoring material restricts viewers from being able to access certain literature because content in the material was thought to be offensive.…show more content…
The reaction from the public was that the scene was blasphemous and it was a very harsh lie that made Christian groups to become upset all across the world. Christian groups in Thailand, South Korea, India, and the Philippines tried to get the movie banned in 2003. As the article states, “….critics have called it blasphemous and a distortion of the truth. Others have also criticized its negative portrayal of the Catholic Church and Opus Dei, a conservative Catholic group,” (“Understanding Controversy and Society”). The movie depicted them negatively without reassuring people with a disclaimer that this is just an entertainment purpose and a work of fiction, yet people overreacted nevertheless to something that shouldn’t have been taken as an offense. The director of the film interested in the thought of people censoring the movie, “Ron Howard, the director of the film, acknowledged that the movie might offend some people, but also pointed out that it was meant for entertainment and should not be taken as theology,” (“Understanding Controversy and Society”). Again, like he Ron stated that this was meant for entertainment and wasn’t mean to “distort the truth” like people thought. The Thai Censorship agreed that the last ten minutes of the film needed to be cut and they

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