Employee Engagement Analysis

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The main objective of the paper is to clarify the concept of employee engagement with respect to business, consultancy, and academia. Moreover, the paper will explain the levels of employee engagement that can be measured and improved. Furthermore, the last part of the paper will design a survey questionnaire for organisations with high-performance working (HPW) achievements to effectively measure the level of employee engagement. Discussion Task One: Literature review The company management (in close collaboration with the Department of Human Resources and with the help of managers, union representatives, etc.) will have to develop some preliminary investigative work to find out what are the reasons for dissatisfaction, fears, hopes or…show more content…
It is defined as desirable condition that has an organisational reason, which brings involvement, passion, commitment, focused, effort, enthusiasm, and energy.” Employee involvement The concept of employee involvement in the company is part of the involvement, direct participation, accountability and autonomy of workers. Involvement in the work can be understood as a link established. The person in relation to the company, based on the feeling of belonging to the community and / or identification of the objectives of the company (Marchington and Suter, 2013). Definition from business According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD, 2001), staff involvement comprises different procedures, which is established to engage the understand, support, and keeps maximum contribution of staffs in organisation and dedication to aims. Definition from consultancy Scontrino-Powell has mentioned the definition of employee involvement as; when employee participate directly to help an organisation to fulfil its mission and fulfil the objectives by applying their ideas, efforts, and expertise towards problem solving and decision making. Definition from…show more content…
We observe the organisational welfare to quantify the combined well-being and staffs engagement, and to correlate the outcomes with main indices of workplace productivity. This supports leaders to establish informed and accurate decisions regarding interventions goal-oriented and very likely assist to enhanced performance and other measures of organisational performance (Schaufeli, 2012). Engagement and Employee Retention Strategies To observe staffs satisfaction, organisational commitment, the dedication and pride, will have an appropriate review of staffs commitment and participation to the organisational success. Right Management works with businesses to establish and apply productive communication policies and dedication as a consequence of actions taken (Schaufeli, 2012). Instruments to measure employee

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