Argumentative Essay: Should College Tuition Be Free?

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A college education is an imperative necessity in today’s society. Students all over the country are concentrating on their academics and are striving to get perfect grades in order to earn a degree, yet it has become increasingly difficult to do that due to unworldly college fees and debt. Paying for each student’s education has become a seemingly impossible uphill battle in today’s economy. Now, many students, teachers, and parents are proposing the question; Should free college tuition be a given right? Free college tuition and fees should be provided and handled by the U.S. government because it will help students focus on getting good grades and provide encouragement for them to put forth more effort and energy into their studies. .…show more content…
Most college students have minimum-wage jobs and are full-time students. They depend on their job, much like their grades, to fund all their books and classes for each semester. Working, especially full time, takes a toll on students physically and mentally. If college was free, students would have more time to focus on their education while being at optimal performance instead of performing and focusing with substantially decreased effort. Money would cease to be an issue and students would perform better knowing that the government supports their efforts at earning a degree. Next, college should be free because some students just can't support themselves with the cost of living in the U.S. and pay for school at the same time. Even with the help of financial aid and the assistance that scholarships can provide, students simply cannot afford the cost of college tuition while working to support themselves. If college were free, students could continue to go to school with the peace of mind knowing that they have the same opportunity as everyone else to go to college and earn a

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