Galileo Vs Descartes Research Paper

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They say that the sky is the limit and there are no two people who have demonstrated the ability to surpass that limit than Galileo and Descartes. Galileo and Descartes are two of the best thinkers of all time. They both changed the way that we look at science and philosophy today even though their beliefs were rejected by the common people and communities relating to their field. They both share different argumentative styles that weaken and build upon different aspects of their arguments. While Descartes’ arguments are very clear, concise in their structure, and easy to understand, Galileo’s are packed full of supporting facts and details that are hard to disprove. Ultimately, even though Galileo’s presentation of information can be confusing at times and overburdening to process, I…show more content…
One of the things that I really liked about Descartes was his ability to accept that, “It is, however, possible that I am wrong, and that I am mistaking bits of copper and glass for gold and diamonds” (Descartes, pg. 6). I also agree with his decision that he wanted his work released after he died. Maybe if Galileo had the same strategy as Descartes, he would have not died the way he did. One aspect that I disagree with Descartes is the first maxim of the provisional moral code. He states that, “obey the laws and customs of my country, and adherence to the religion in which God by His grace had me instructed from my childhood, and to govern myself in everything else according to the most moderate and least extreme opinions” (Descartes, pg. 21.). I disagree with this because if the colonists of Great Britain living in the thirteen colonies did not rebel, we would not have founded one of the greatest countries in the world. Also, you should be able to have your own opinions no matter how extreme they may be and also choose whatever religion you want once you’re of age to make your own

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