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At the age of 12, everybody in the village knew Nuvi as a courageous pupil. He fearlessly stood the odds to be part of his primary school soccer team in the late 1960s. And because of this, he was loved by many and the big boys who saw him as a threat to the position in the team will often intimidate Nuvi on the way back home after school or in the quarters. He was brilliant in school just like on the soccer field. An ability that earned him a scholarship upon completion of primary to Secret Heart College Mankon where he enrolled for secondary education. The third from his mother and the ninth in a polygamous family of four wives Nuvi was the first child to attend secondary school out of the village. It was summer holiday and as usual Nuvi plays for one of the soccer team in a competition organize the Mayor of the local council. The matches of yesterday were played under the rain and this has given Nuvi some light fever. He saw it coming, can do nothing. So, speaking to himself he vows to fight back if the elder brother, Bobga dare…show more content…
“Perhaps this the best condition for me to make things right.” Says Nuvi to himself. Their home from the church is about 3kms and 2kms along the road is inhabitable-cover by a forest. By 9:00 pm Feh was asleep and Bobga quietly took one of his white bedsheet he brought back from Secret Heart College Mankon and quietly walk out of the house into the nearby forest. At the end of the projection as the other were returning home Bobga went with his friend to the village square. This did not discourage Nuvi as he patiently stayed in the bush waiting for Bobga. As he was contemplating giving up due to a persistent light shower he heard the sound for footsteps. Peeping for his hideout he recognizes it was Bobga coming back alone. When Bobga got to where he was he came out wrap in the white bedsheet. The confusion was

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