Argumentative Essay: Should College Textbooks Be Free?

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The prices of textbooks has increased 82 percent in the last decade according to (Bidwell), this amount is outrageous and it should go down immediately. Due to the high prices of textbooks, according to (Bidwell) 65 percent of students have decided against a book for a required class, and 94 percent said they were worried about their grade because of it. Most teens don’t get out of high school looking to pay hundreds of dollars on books for college. It’s just complicated and kind of a waste of money. So, in this paper, I am going to talk about the benefits if college textbooks were free. Most students graduate at the age of 17 or 18, and those are not times that young adults are going to have hundreds of dollars to spend on books,…show more content…
The final reason that I feel as if college textbooks should be free is it is affecting the student’s grades. According to (Musulin) that 82 percent of students do better if they are provided a free online textbook or just a free textbook in general. We go to college to become independent and get a job to go out and live life on our own, away from parents and other things that we will need to get away from eventually. There is no way to get out of college if we have nothing to study but notes that the college professor may not even give you enough to do all the stuff that you need to know about the subject, college textbooks make it way easier to study things because you can do reading outside of class and not have to worry about not getting the notes in class. We get out of college and expect to get a job, but that cannot happen if we don’t get the proper ways taught to us, and if we don’t have textbooks to keep us locked in to the subject. Having free textbooks would make it so much easier on college students to get their stuff done. Now that I have told you the reasons that I think that college students should have free textbooks I hope you fully understand what I am putting out there and are on my side with

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