The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

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The Warsaw ghetto uprising was their starvation of the Jewish and the physical behavior about the Jews during the Warsaw ghetto.The Warsaw ghetto was the largest ghetto in Poland. The Warsaw ghetto background it basically was talking about 400,00 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, it said the area was confined to about one square mile which wasn’t really that much for 400,000 people.In November in the 1940’s the ghetto was sealed off by brick walls, barbed wires, and armed guards. If the were ever caught trying to leave or escape they were shot on sight.The ghetto’s were accepted in cities throughout Eastern Europe. The Warsaw ghetto was also the largest in Poland. ¨On August 2nd, 1943 1,000 Jewish prisoners at Treblinka seized weapons from the…show more content…
After a good month of fighting for the Jews, the Germans blow up the great Synagogue in the Warsaw, The end of the uprising and the destruction of the ghetto. ¨April 19th, 1943, the Germans under the command of SS Grant, Began the final destruction of the ghetto and the deportation of the remaining Jews¨. ¨The ghetto population, however, does not report for deportations. ¨Instead, the ghetto fighting organizations have barricaded themselves inside buildings and bunkers, ready to resist the Germans¨. After three days, German forces being burning the ghetto, building, to force Jews out of the hiding places. The ghetto failed¨. Barely a handful of the freedom fighters escaped and lived to tell the story. The ones that were still alive the died later with helping the uprising in 1944. Stroop said he estimated that about five or six thousand Jews died in the action of the fires, and that 56,065 Jews were captured. Stroop estimated that five or six thousand Jews had died in the action or the fires, and that 56,065 Jews were captured. Out of the Germans victims There were 15 and 90 wounded. The ghetto was then separated from the hospital and the police barracks. The Warsaw ghetto uprising was the nothing at all less than a revolution in Jewish history . Jews had resisted the Nazis with armed force. The significance and symbolic fullness of the uprising went far beyond those who fought and died. The Warsaw ghetto uprising began April 19th, 1943 and

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