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WORK, POWER AND ENERGY In your previous year, you have learned the basic concepts of work, power and energy. Energy is transferred to heat or work, but have you asked how a type of energy is transformed from one form into another? Have you wondered how a roller coaster works? How does cyclist reach a maximum height of a trail? How can an object at rest be moved at a certain distance? In this chapter, you will learn what describes the forms of energy and explains its transformation resulting to conservation of mechanical energy. Content Standard  Demonstrate understanding of the conservation of mechanical energy Performance Standard  Create a device that shows conservation of mechanical energy Learning Competencies  Explain energy transformation in various activities/events…show more content…
Air consists of a mixture of gas molecules that are constantly moving. Compute the KE of a molecule that is moving with a speed of 500m/s. Assume that the mass of this particle is 4.62x10 -26 kg. Comparing the Kinetic Energies 2. Two iceboats hold a race on a frictionless horizontal lake. The two iceboats have masses m and 2m, respectively. Each iceboat has an identical sail, so the wind exerts the same constant force F on each iceboat. The two iceboats start from rest and cross the finish line a distance S away. Which iceboat crosses the finish line w/ greater KE? 3. A car coasts down a long hill and then up a smaller one onto a level surface , where it has stopped of 9.8 m/s. If the car started 67 m above the lowest point on the track, how far above this lowest point is the level surface? Ignore friction PE=KE mg (h-d) = mv2/2 mg (67m-d) = m (9.8m/s)2 g(67m-d) =96.04m2/s2 / 2 656.60m2/s2 – 9.8m2/s2 d = 48.02m2/s2 -9.8m2/s2 d = -656.60m2/s2+48.02m2/s2 d=62. 1 m therefore in order for the car to have a speed of 9.8m/s, the lower hill must be at a height of 62.1 m above the lowest point a track. 4. Height of a baseball from energy

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