Argumentative Essay On Junk Food

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Paragraph 2: Moreover, kids are constantly choosing junk food over healthy food, and who's to blame them? In other words, if we are presenting kids with greasy pizzas and donuts, why do we expect them to think about the mandatory canned peaches. They don´t give the kids enough time to eat, students have their eyes glued to the junk food they present them with, and schools are responsible for 50% of kids calorie intake. Youth have no choice in what they eat at school due to lack of time for eating, money for outside of school meals and the fact that schools present fifty percent of a child´s daily calorie intake. In a New York times article, Katy Murphy mentions that kids don't have enough time to finish their lunches so they will usually pay attention to the junk…show more content…
If schools were to ban junk food, they would have more time to notice their more healthier options, thus helping them to make better nutritional choices. In the same article, Murphy says something that made me think. ¨….children either toss out the healthier meals or opt to brown bag it.¨. Now, this may lead you to the conclusion that if we drop junk food and switch to only healthy food, children will just bring their own calorie filled foods and obesity will still be as big of an issue as it was before. But, coming from kids I know, most kids do not get up out of bed early enough just so they can make their lunch to opt for junk food. Also, in an article from the Obama's ¨Let's move!¨ campaign website, it states ¨Many children consume at least half of their meals at school, and for many children, food served at school may be the only food they regularly eat¨, so if we are responsible for students dietary habits and they rely on us for one of their only meals for the day, we need to make it as nutritional and benefitting as

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